Thursday, February 22, 2007

black monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.

yes. i saw Black Friday. yes, i was horrified. yes, i was moved. yes, i loved the way neither community was held responsible and everything was shown in a docu-drama style and a super neutral way.

no, i was not amused.

As i was saying to someone the other day, what view of India must people abroad be having? (for one minute let's leave aside the 'who gives a shit about what other countries think?' bit, coz face it. we do). i mean they must be thinking...what jobless shits...all they do is kill each other in the name of God? When all the rest of them have had their own epiphanies that God is the supreme energy source driving our souls, we are still arguing over which 'God' we believe in. And this from the country that sparked the theory of God being an energy in the first place. And then we wonder why we're still stuck with the label of 'third world'.

Everything stems from being J-O-B-L-E-S-S. The minute you have a life to make and some dreams and ambitions to worry about, half your battle is won. No, I'm not saying take the passion out of everything and live mechanically. if your home is burned down and your loved ones hurt, yes by all means, do what it takes to help you achieve closure. but how twisted does a mind have to be to plan those blasts? thank god, there's just one or two twisted people out there - they were made of a different metal. (Whew...there I said it! Feel lighter now!)

anyhow my point is, to be super mundane after this whole righteous Black Friday. The best parts, how Badshah Khan's life decays, KayKay's dialogue on 'who God is with' and Tiger Memon's conspiracy.

The worst part? The fact that it's all true.