Monday, May 25, 2009


Note before reading: This story has been copyrighted and is the sole product of Shaista Vaishnav. It is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any character, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“Vote for Jameson, vote for Jameson”, the voice had reached a feverish pitch now, loud and raucous, ringing through the silence of the October night.

“Thomas, Thomas”, a voice whispered next to him. “Thomas, are you alright?” Sonia looked at Thomas helplessly. He had been screaming the campaign slogan ever since 2007. It was two years since, Jameson had been sworn in as President early 2008. Yet all Thomas could do was fervently campaign for him – through the days and nights. He still unrelentingly gave out ‘Vote for Jameson’ posters and flyers, not reacting when people gave him strange looks or ignored him.

One of these bystanders even took him to the mental health division of the nearest hospital. Sonia had to come rushing to the hospital to escort a tired and lost-looking Thomas home.

Sometimes Sonia tried to talk to Thomas. “Thomas, the campaign is over. Jameson has won. You have won! Do you think you can go back to work in the new Senator’s office? Or would you rather go to Dr. Farber’s clinic again?” At these times, Thomas glanced at her with a glimmer of recognition in his eyes. Sonia would allow some hope to warm her cold heart. But just as quickly as it had appeared, the look in his eyes disappeared. And Thomas Castello would launch into a sermon about Jameson – his political agenda, his achievements, his social work and his glorious plans. All these were always recited in dignified tones, as if he had learnt the piece by heart. Thomas’s vocabulary was expansive.

Always a quiet boy, Thomas had excelled academically but had been on the fringes in every other activity. Almost invisible, he was hardly remembered by any of his St. George’s class-mates or his community college’s buddies. The one or two friends he had, always used him for company for fear of having nobody to eat with at lunch recess. Thomas’s parents had left him with an old, indifferent uncle, when Thomas was very young. Their reason was because they wanted to ‘find themselves’ in a distant ashram in East India.

Thomas found his calling, when he was asked to work in Senator Jameson’s office, to help him campaign for the prestigious 2007 elections. Senator Jameson was one of the first few people to even notice Thomas. The Senator saw a strange obsessive quality in the gangly, awkward, quiet 23 year old – a quality which he knew would work in his favour. He lauded his efforts at every opportunity and encouraged Thomas to join his inner circle of campaigners. Soon, Thomas’s only purpose in life was to campaign for Senator Jameson – the world’s greatest man and his hero.
It was around this time that Sonia, the granddaughter of Thomas’s old, indifferent aunt came to live with them after the death of her parents. 20 year old Sonia was impressed with her elder cousin’s passion and drive for the campaign. She helped Thomas whenever she could and tried to draw him out of his work and talk to her sometimes. She was never successful.

Bright and animated during his telephone calls with journalists and media persons, Thomas was his own anti-thesis when he left the Senator’s office. His clothes were the same every day. His routine never changed. And on Sundays, he used to roam the streets of his town or stop by the nearest church and give out flyers and posters on Jameson.

Thomas was most animated on the day the election results were announced. Sonia had never seen him so excited. Even the old, indifferent aunt looked up in interest as Thomas bounced into the room.

“Vote for Jameson, vote for Jameson”, he cried. “Yes yes Thomas, Jameson has won…your candidate has won!” Sonia exclaimed, dancing around Thomas in triumph. She stopped after a few minutes when she realized that Thomas’s cries had not changed. “Thomas, he has won! He has won!” But Sonia’s persuasive cries fell on deaf ears.

Months and years went by and Thomas’s condition deteriorated. His eyes were always searching for something, his movements were animal-like and his words were never different from the ones he used while campaigning. He ate when he absolutely had to and he ran to the toilet when he could no longer hold it, all the while muttering, “One must take a break, one must take a break.” Jameson had long forgotten his trusted aide but Thomas just could not get Jameson out of his mind.

Off late he had started talking in his sleep - screaming in his sleep rather. As if he was at one of Jameson’s more rousing speeches. Sonia was beginning to get more and more worried. She decided to try her last resort.

Thomas was put back in school – an adult school. At first he used to run out, but he was forced to be quiet and listen to his teacher when he was chained to the seat. He learnt his alphabet from scratch, he read books and learnt math. More importantly, the teacher made sure to give Thomas adequate attention. As did his classmates. Slowly Thomas got more and more normal with each passing day, forgetting Jameson as the weeks went by.

During one quiet dinner, Sonia hazarded asking Thomas a question. “Thomas, why did you get so obsessed with Jameson?”

Thomas looked up slowly and replied, “He was my purpose. Without him, I had no purpose in life. I was trying to find some purpose to live.”

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Get over the rainbow.

Follow your heart, follow your dream…
Chase your rainbow, till as far as you can see.

That’s what they keep saying.
But what’s the point?

When all you’re left with is a guilt-ridden existence,
And a heart so broken, it can never be joined.

Where nobody’s happy and nobody’s fulfilled.
With a pocket that’s empty,
And a pot of money left behind.

A dream that simply seemed chase-worthy at the time.
And then you find…

That every impulsive decision you made…
Are the reasons for your tears every night.

So all those times you regretted not following your heart,
You regret following it much more.

Which is the lesser of the two evils?
Your lifetime will show you for sure.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

black monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.

yes. i saw Black Friday. yes, i was horrified. yes, i was moved. yes, i loved the way neither community was held responsible and everything was shown in a docu-drama style and a super neutral way.

no, i was not amused.

As i was saying to someone the other day, what view of India must people abroad be having? (for one minute let's leave aside the 'who gives a shit about what other countries think?' bit, coz face it. we do). i mean they must be thinking...what jobless shits...all they do is kill each other in the name of God? When all the rest of them have had their own epiphanies that God is the supreme energy source driving our souls, we are still arguing over which 'God' we believe in. And this from the country that sparked the theory of God being an energy in the first place. And then we wonder why we're still stuck with the label of 'third world'.

Everything stems from being J-O-B-L-E-S-S. The minute you have a life to make and some dreams and ambitions to worry about, half your battle is won. No, I'm not saying take the passion out of everything and live mechanically. if your home is burned down and your loved ones hurt, yes by all means, do what it takes to help you achieve closure. but how twisted does a mind have to be to plan those blasts? thank god, there's just one or two twisted people out there - they were made of a different metal. (Whew...there I said it! Feel lighter now!)

anyhow my point is, to be super mundane after this whole righteous Black Friday. The best parts, how Badshah Khan's life decays, KayKay's dialogue on 'who God is with' and Tiger Memon's conspiracy.

The worst part? The fact that it's all true.

Friday, November 24, 2006


"In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths derived from it, the phoenix or phœnix is a mythical, sacred firebird, closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra."

In modern day Mumbai, a hub of activity comprising of many large stores, boutiques and eateries is known as High Street Phoenix. Having reinvented itself from what used to be a textile mill, the name is appropriate enough.
In a freakish coincidence though – or what is perceived to be a coincidence, a discotheque has existed here, almost since the mall’s inception – known as Ra.
Given the above reference, it is uncanny that something in the year 2006, should come so close to ancient Egyptian mythology – when it comes to the name as well as the meaning.
But the sad part is, no one recognises and wonders at this coming together of the fates in an unexpected place and generation! Because most are not aware. And even if they are, they don’t care enough to nod at this coincidence, and acknowledge it.
Everything is connected and happens for a reason. Something I strongly believe in. A small, fine, invisible thread…tucked away in the air around us…manoeuvring everything in our lives. Making puppets out of us, all the while letting us think that we’re in control, and it’s our brain that’s making the connections, and not fate.
How else would you explain how when you’re thinking of something –
a name
a place
an animal
a thing
or even just
a random noun
or verb
–INVARIABLY that word – the name or the random word or the place takes some form the very next second?
And it happens every so often. Ruling out the possibility of mere coincidence.

Some examples in English: You think of a person in your life – a friend called Aditya – you look up and the name ‘Aditya’ stares out at you from the back of the rickshaw in front of you.

You’re sitting at office and typing an email. You type the words ‘from India’ and someone says ‘India’ on their telephone conversation, which is well within earshot!

And a million more such connections – yes they happen all the time. Yet, reactions, from us all, are limited to chuckles at the event! But nothing more.

Are we scared to acknowledge that there’s a greater force, than our minds, at work here? Do we not want to get into the nitty-gritties of fate? Or do we just not delve into things we don’t really understand and can’t explain?
Give it a thought.
If Ra can make an appearance at the namesake of the mythical, immortal bird it is associated with in 2006…anything is possible.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

oh and...

If that long list wasn't enough...I happened to spot Mr. Nasal at Squeeze too last night...! He really is everywhere!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

back after a lull

It feels great to be back...because it's been one hellava rollercoaster ride since April. Fights, Fantastic foreign trips and filtering people from my life have been just some of the rollicking things that happened.

Without getting into too much detail, I would just like to make a comment about Himesh Reshammiya today.

Isn't he coming out of our eyes, ears, noses and mouths? He's everywhere~! Literally on our ipods,
at discos,
on tv,
on the radio,
at weddings,
beauty paegants and award shows.
on stations, on the road,
in rickshaws, in offices.
In villages,
in graveyards, on cellphones,
in movies.
Very soon, he'll be an international phenomenon!

Beware world - Himesh Reshammiya's taking over soon!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Ok so i logged in to my hi5 account after a few months, and was sifting through junk messages saying "do you want to make friendship with me?" and laughing at most of hindi and all! Some even went as far as saying Short term goals: "Making friendship with you!!" but then i came across this message, which went a bit too far! Just thought I'd share it with you all!:

you are very beautiful, and i am very much interested in friendship with u,

i am 26 years single guy, good looking, doing well established bussiness in mumbai, I am looking for discreet
/fun relationship with Broadminded girl / Females of any age and any caste no bar,

first we will to build up good friendship & intimacy, we will first know each other more through couple of mails and then plan/proceed how to meet, Let us not hurry, Since I am looking for long term friendship/fun, so once again let us not hurry, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

Your personal matters,STATUS & Looks are of least important and Good Heart, Submisiveness, confidentiality and discretion is must.

If you are BM Female looking for pleasure & fun, with a decent& trustworthy guy.

please reply with your number and interests likings and dislikings. I am a trustworthy person and I Promise, I can defenitely adjust according to your need requirement

if you are interested in me then please contact me on my cell no 9323947190 or email me :

Please note the 'submissiveness and confidentiality'!! Submisiveness????? Can you believe it?!?! People reallllly think they can get away with a lot nowadays! Guts they have!