Wednesday, March 29, 2006

White sands, fun people, the perfect weekend:) talking about my office picnic to Ganpati Pule!

Just off Goa, one is reminded of the same pristine beaches...and clear water...some 17 of us got together - work pals - and just let our hair down!

In a nut-shell, it was 17 hours of driving! with lots of music and dancing in the bus...card games, funky snaps, cavorting in the sea, beach volleyball, truth & dare and tell-all games and lazy hours spent in hammocks singing and bonding.

A great investment...after all, we have to work together 24/7! Work, live, play, eat, sleep. And have a blast! - Time to go to office! I actually feel like going!

dark films and one's state of mind

Have you ever noticed how an extremely dark film, with heavy-duty dialogues, background scores, lighting and make-up can leave a lasting impression? Especially the dialogue delivery and the whispering innunciated words...dramatic i know...but i get this familiar sensation every time i watch a dark film.

By dark film, i mean like the sixth sense, or the ring!(god!I was shitting bricks after that one!)or RGV's Bhoot! Or the movie i caught yesterday - 'Being Cyrus'...india's latest contribution to world-class cinema...this was one heck of a film, in terms of lighting, cinematography, concept, dialogues and most of all performances. Like i always say, half the battle is won when you have a cast like that. One can't go wrong with such veterans.

But the dialogues inside my head didn't stop with the credits after the film! They followed me home...going on and on inside my head. Making every situation seem dramatic and dark film-like. Whether it was the elevator going up and down, or the honking at the traffic signal, or ankeet's was all surreal like it was a part of the film.

The feeling wears off soon enough - don't worry, am not an apt candidate for the loony bin just yet - but it makes you feel strange. like a film as a film and just the whole medium of film seems so're seeing someone else's point of view on a certain subject - and are just a passive recipient - but it can still make a lasting impression.

I guess that's what distinguishes a good film from all the crap dished out every day. One dark film that shines nonetheless.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Page 3!

Ok so i went for a typical page 3 party last night. Where we shared floor space with the likes of Nita Ambani and Elizabeth Hurley. Yes, it was fun! We people-watched...saw Suneil Shetty (with all the extra e's and i's), Jaaved Jaafrey, Karan Johar, Tara Sharma, Dino Morea, Manish Malhotra...all the page 3 art people, all the page 3 models, all the page 3 designers, entities, and non-entities alike. But the most people/obstacles around...were the press. Hounding, interviewing and clicking away.

The worst part was that the press weren't even enjoying themselves. You could make out that it was strictly bread and butter stuff. Dressed in their office casuals - osho chappals and kurtas - they came, scoffed a little, hounded a little and left. But their sheer numbers! Now don't get me wrong...I've been there, done that too..on the other side, with my kurtas and scoffing...but now it's getting too obvious!

Anyway met some people from work, a few familiar faces, including the dj..but basically chilled with my mom and her colleagues - who's party it was - my cousins and boyfriend...:)

All in all..the sheer experience of rubbing shoulders with the famous is always exciting, but temporary nonetheless. soon enough, the shine rubs off...the gloss comes off...and one prefers parties where you can scream, let your hair down and hug your friends without a care in the world.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A first glimpse into my galaxy!

Ok now I finally have a virtual galaxy in which I can pour all my thoughts... those who are reading this have unfortunately gotta bear with me! state of mind right now? Well I have a few new inputs for my book (which I will make happen, no matter what!) from colleagues...which kinda made sense! So am writing those down before I forget them...

Other than that...have kinda finished work for today, though you know how it is, you make plans when you think you've finished work...and then work piles up like nobody's business! Murphy's law!

ok now this entry is getting boring...

so now i'll post when I have something relevant to say!

see ya muaaah...