Friday, November 24, 2006


"In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths derived from it, the phoenix or phœnix is a mythical, sacred firebird, closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra."

In modern day Mumbai, a hub of activity comprising of many large stores, boutiques and eateries is known as High Street Phoenix. Having reinvented itself from what used to be a textile mill, the name is appropriate enough.
In a freakish coincidence though – or what is perceived to be a coincidence, a discotheque has existed here, almost since the mall’s inception – known as Ra.
Given the above reference, it is uncanny that something in the year 2006, should come so close to ancient Egyptian mythology – when it comes to the name as well as the meaning.
But the sad part is, no one recognises and wonders at this coming together of the fates in an unexpected place and generation! Because most are not aware. And even if they are, they don’t care enough to nod at this coincidence, and acknowledge it.
Everything is connected and happens for a reason. Something I strongly believe in. A small, fine, invisible thread…tucked away in the air around us…manoeuvring everything in our lives. Making puppets out of us, all the while letting us think that we’re in control, and it’s our brain that’s making the connections, and not fate.
How else would you explain how when you’re thinking of something –
a name
a place
an animal
a thing
or even just
a random noun
or verb
–INVARIABLY that word – the name or the random word or the place takes some form the very next second?
And it happens every so often. Ruling out the possibility of mere coincidence.

Some examples in English: You think of a person in your life – a friend called Aditya – you look up and the name ‘Aditya’ stares out at you from the back of the rickshaw in front of you.

You’re sitting at office and typing an email. You type the words ‘from India’ and someone says ‘India’ on their telephone conversation, which is well within earshot!

And a million more such connections – yes they happen all the time. Yet, reactions, from us all, are limited to chuckles at the event! But nothing more.

Are we scared to acknowledge that there’s a greater force, than our minds, at work here? Do we not want to get into the nitty-gritties of fate? Or do we just not delve into things we don’t really understand and can’t explain?
Give it a thought.
If Ra can make an appearance at the namesake of the mythical, immortal bird it is associated with in 2006…anything is possible.


Roshan R said...

absolutely rt...have been spooked so many times like that by weird 'coincidences'..guess im just REally really pschic..NOT!! anyway, a nice concept

destinychild said...

hey!!! awesome post gurl! have been freaked out by such uncanny coincidences myself! an interesting blog you have 'ere! :D

aaditya said...

I beleive in such things as well...
nice observation...
And which rickshaw has Aditya written on it? I am gonna vandalise the rick and whack the rick wallah.... they better stick to their "buri nazar waale..."